You will get the opportunity to put your axe-throwing abilities to the test on real wood as part of this brand-new experience. This facility in Madhapur is the first one of its kind in all of India. After a long and stressful week, this is the ideal approach to de-stress and take some time for yourself to relax. There is nothing more enjoyable than engaging in a friendly rivalry with one’s family, friends, and/or workplace.


In the year 2019, my wife and I were using our respective phones to browse the internet while we sat outside in a park in Manchester, United Kingdom. The celebration of our anniversary was held in this location, and it was a great experience all around. The schedule for our special day started off, as was to be expected, with a trip to the museum, which was then followed by a meal in the middle of the day that was laid back and casual. We were scrolling when we came across Whistle Punks’ urban axe chucking, and after considering it for a while, we decided to learn more about it. We went there, and much to our utter delight, the day we spent there turned out to be the most fantastic day of our entire life.

Because we were not familiar with the area’s qualities, we had no notion what the atmosphere was like there. Following the training on how to be safe from any potential threats, we were then shown how to throw an axe and given some time to practice our newfound skill. In addition to that, we took part in a tournament and during that time discovered some new ways to improve our throwing techniques. Our trip to this region was filled with very memorable and enjoyable moments for us.

We finally returned to India, and one of our first priorities was to make preparations to launch a brand-new endeavor in Hyderabad as soon as humanly feasible. It was the suggestion of my wife that we hold an axe-throwing competition right here in Hyderabad, and it’s completely possible that we’ll be the first individuals in the entire nation of India to do so. After I discussed the idea with several of my closest friends, we did not waste any time in seeking possible investors we just started off with our impression.

We are ecstatic to share the news that we have recently opened India’s very first gaming facility that is solely devoted to the sport of axe throwing, and we cannot wait to show you around!


Axe Throwing Prices

  • Single – Rs 300 (1 person 10 throws)
  • Doubles – Rs 500 ( 2 persons 10 throws each)
    30 mins unlimited –
  • Rs 1500 (1 Bay max 4 members)
  • Rs 2500 (2Bays max 8 members)





Round Robin